Autumn Looks: Kylie Jenner’s Lips


This fall season is all about lips.

Kylie Jenner has mastered the fall lipstick fad. I love her look, her makeup is almost always impeccable. The color of the Fall season is radiant orchid and Kylie has been spotted rocking different shades of this color on her plump lips.

However it is very clear that the little Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s reality star has had some help in the lip department. Allegedly she ‘s gotten lip injections!  Isn’t she is a little young for plastic surgery? I hope teenagers around the world are not longing to alter their faces because as we know beauty is only skin deep.


autumn-lips-kylie-jenner-before-after copy


According to gossip magazine Closer, “Kylie wanted lips to be her thing … she has told her sisters to let her be the one with the big lips.” But, Kim and Khloë supposedly didn’t want that to be the case, so they themselves started plumping up their kissers more as well. “Kim has been topping up her fillers every three months when the recommended gap is nine,” the magazine claims. “Kylie worries she’s being pushed out of the limelight just as she was starting to get more attention.”