Ashanti Interviews Her Ex-Boo Nelly For Fuse TV


Ashanti and Nelly’s relationship was never really public but everyone knows that they were together for a long time. They broke up a little while ago. Nelly moved on to actress/model Tae Heckard and Ashanti’s been busy working. Her new gig over at Fuse TV put her in an awkward situation. She had to interview Nelly. Given the situation, she did a good job in my opinion. Both Nelly & Ashanti remained professional.

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Just looking at Nelly makes me smile. If I were Ashanti I don’t know what I would have done in this situation.  The rumor is they broke up because of Ashanti’s cheating. They made a really cute couple. I miss there relationship, even though we really didn’t see much of it.


Do You Think The Interview Was Awkward?