Are All Women Crazy?

When he keeps telling you to stop being crazy but you don’t know how.

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The new generations of Millennials are interesting people. We are the generation that grew up with internet, cellphones, emails and text messages. This has millennials at a disadvantage when it comes to the human aspects of life.

We have the dysfunctional blue print of what not to do from the mistakes Generation X made.  I personally think the issue with our generation is that we do not know how to communicate or express our feelings properly, which can lead to frustration.

Women get pegged with the perception that we are just crazy individuals.  We have emotions and feelings, despite the fact that we do not always show them. Sometimes we let our emotions build up to the point where we snap, and this may lead to the crazy-like reactions.

We have access to a person’s whereabouts, who they are liking, and what they are thinking via social media. Women have natural instinct true, but we also have the ability to go on to your social media site to see if you have been talking to another chick.  This may be a little stalker-ish but if its there why not look? The easy accessibility to peep game gives us more motivate to blow up when we feel like we’ve been done wrong. I know this may not be right, but it is what it is.

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