ABC’s Scandal’s Actor Columbus Short Writes an Open Letter Following Trayvon Martin Trial Not Guilty Verdict


Many people have  their opinions of the murder’s Zimmerman not guilty verdict. Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin for no reason, and got off the hook scot-free by using the “Stand Your Ground” law. The awful outcome of the trial was like a wakeup call to many Americans, a call to action moment.

Scandal actor Columbus Short wrote an open letter to voice his feelings about the unjust verdict and race in America.

A Letter to the Broken Hearted:

As I have sat and listened to debate after debate, in depth analysis and tempered opinions on“The Verdict” I couldn’t help but feel helpless, frustrated, hurt and yes, angry. As I plummet into the labyrinth of my mind in search of answers, solutions, or a way I could help subdue the burning desire for things to change, my only recourse was to start writing.

Read The Letter In It’s Entirety Here: