56th Annual Grammy Awards 2014 – Best Moments


The 56th Annual 2014 Grammy Awards went down last night, Sunday January 26th, 2014. The award show brought together some music’s biggest stars on music’s biggest night. The show produced a lot of memorable moments. I have picked out a few of my favorite. Check them out below.



The Queen Beyonce opened the show and had a special moment with her husband, Jay Z. I really did not think the performance was all that grand, but I did enjoy seeing the couple’s chemistry on stage.  Bey seemed to be having fun and she was really carefree, and not so rehearsed as usual. I have come to the conclusion that doing the “ghetto girl” twerking while singing is an extremely difficult task, singers should stop trying it.

In my opinion Jay Z really help to make Bey’s performance memorable.  But who knew the wet dog look, could be so sexy. 2 Snaps In The Air For The Queen


I hated Beyonce’s hair and makeup on the red carpet.The lipstick shade wasn’t working in her favor if you ask me. Her dress was amazing, though. Rihanna wore something similar once, ya’ll care or nah?

Jay Z acceptance speech was cute.  He said he won a gold sippy cup for Blue Ivy. I know he made Bey feel special by acknowledging how blessed he is to have her.


Katy Perry‘s red carpet look was a winner. She definitely had an #ImpeccableMoment
Juicy J popping out on Katy’s set was also a winning moment for me. The fact that Juicy J is still releveant today, makes me proud of the Memphis native. We all know that he is about that cash and it seems like he’s going to keep getting it.


56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Lorde performed ‘Royals’. I loved her performance because it was so funny, but the unintentionally type of funny. Lorde is such a Emo girl. I love her awkwardness.


Kendrick Lamar performance with Imagine Dragons was probably my favorite performance. All the artist included in this performance was amped up and excited, which was great energy for the show.



Mackelomore and Ryan Lewis set was amazing, even though Kendrick Lamar got robbed, but I’m going to let ya’ll have it.