2017 Goals – Cheers To The New Year


We made it. It’s a new day, a new year and a new chance to be better than we were in the past.

I did not make a New Year’s Resolution this year. I know what I want to accomplish. My goals have been the same since last year. I actually accomplished some goals and I am working on some of the others. I am a strong believer in your mentality is your reality, you first have to have your mind in a positive space to manifest your dreams.

Right now my focus is centered around my businesses being successful. The way that I view success is being able to live life as you want, comfortably. I want to enhance my finances. So this year will be focused around financial growth. Last year I was more focused and driven by romance and finding love. Love is beautiful – true enough but LOVE is not paying my bills. So I am refocusing my energy.

According to Forbes: We are three times more likely to follow through on business goals than resolutions. We are nine times more likely to follow through on business decisions.

With that being said, this is a good time to review business goals. It also a good time to set some new business goals.

Cheers to much success in the New Year.