2 Chainz Is Not Here For Rap Beef

2 Chainz doesn’t want to get involved with the Lil Wayne and Pusha T. fued that started way back in 2006. Allegedly The Clipse were brought up and Lil Wayne dismissed them by saying “I don’t see no f*cking Clipse. This is a f*cking legend you’re talking to right here. How many years team n*ggas been around?” The Clipse fired back with a punchline referencing the infamous Birdman/Wayne kiss on the lips. Even though the beef started years ago it is relevant today, because both Pusha T. & Lil Wayne have recently made diss records about each other.

The self proclaimed ‘hair weave killa’ recently spoke about the rap beef between G.O.O.D Music emcee Pusha T. and YMCMB boss Lil Wayne.

If I was in 2 Chainz position I wouldn’t take sides either. But being in the middle can sometimes look like you’re not being loyal to either side.

“I have nothing to do with what Pusha is doing every day or what Wayne is doing every day,” he told CBS Local exclusively. “These are just peers of mine. I wouldn’t want nothing to happen to neither one of them. But I don’t referee or mediate. I mind my business. That’s why I’m here right now. When you come from the streets you learn to mind your own business.”

“I’ve known Drake for four or five years,” he explained. “The fact that people didn’t know we had a relationship was also cool. I added that element of surprise back to hip-hop with collaboration. Also, with the songs looking good on paper, I think they sound good as well.”

Source: Hip Hop Weekly