2 Chainz Arrested & Booked For Possession

2 chainz arrested lean

2 Chainz was arrested and booked today. The rapper faces a felony narcotics charge. Unfortunately he was caught with promethazine and weed at LAX. Promethazine is one of the main ingredients of the popular drink Sizzurp aka Lean. I am sitting over here wondering what the heck was he doing with drugs boarding a plane? He’s already a felon, he should have known better. I guess he was feeling pretty invincible.

These rappers and their Lean, Molly, and Marijuana its beginning to get ridiculous.

“Need a kickstand way I lean
Promethazine fiend
Styrofoam, Sprite and lean”



  • KiaSoto
    Damn wtf
  • HollywoodHiccups
    What an idiot!
  • A black man going through the airport should assume he’s going to be searched. Especially if he has a prior conviction. No sympathy.
  • DivaWhispers
    no one is above GOD…when will they learn this
  • MrsGrapevine
    Sounds like street credit publicity stunt. Arrested sounds better than mugged.